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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Today @ Planned Parenthood

Today at Planned Parenthood, we talked to people. We talked to a woman who said that she was just there for birth control. She seemed shocked that they were killing children there today. "No wonder the waiting room is so full." Birth control is cheap, though, so we'll think more deeply about that later. Was she telling me the truth? I hope so.

Her girlfriend had long bronzed hair, drove a black pick-up truck, and was a #24 fan. She talked loudly on her cell phone whenever she was outside.

We talked to a couple of escorts on their way out. They ignored us. I hope that they will be changed, by God's grace.

We talked to a young man with an big cheshire grin that was his protection, until he just had to let it out: He works there. What does he do? He had an attache case that was as big as his grin, and heavy. He had to open his passenger door in order to let it in.

A young man came out to have a smoke, and ignored us, better than the one who works there.

The black woman who works there, heard again that this is wrong, and there is a better way.

Another woman, who works there, and has access to the back entrance also heard from us.

A woman, who came alone, said that we should not judge and that God said we should not judge. (This after I told her that they were killing children today, here.) She insisted that we should not judge people.

As we were leaving, a woman, probably in her early forties, with short hair, and a nice car drove up. She was alone, and I thought she would go next door to the community health outpost. She walked toward the entrance to Planned Parenthood, though and since she was alone, and because of her age, I guess I thought she might work there. I simply told her that it is wrong to kill children. I thought that after that, I might be able to determine her purpose there.

She exploded! She was there for birth control, and that we should leave these poor little girls alone, and that they should have the safest health care available. She started walking toward us, shaking her finger at us, and getting louder and louder. The poor security guard, whose first day it was, and who wasn't even wearing a uniform had to get out of his warm car and be ready to protect us if this woman got out of hand. He was probably told that there was nothing to do after 10:00!

She was still yelling when she turned around, telling us that we would rot in hell, and went into the building.

This woman took many steps to come to this moment. Who knows who the "little girls" were, whom she sprang to shield from guilt? God knows her path. He directed her steps to cross ours. Quite frankly, the conversation is a blur to me. I really was nearly afraid for a moment, she was very angry.

I'm sure that we were less than eloquent. God, though, used Jonah to turn the Ninevites to repentance. May God also use us to turn that angry woman, that smug young man, that grandma, who sat out in the car with a pre-schooler while, God-knows-what atrocity was happening inside, that woman who knows that we should not judge, those women who work there day after day, those escorts, and the new guard away from their evil, and to repentance, teaching them His ways.