Come, Read the Bible with Me!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Hypocrisy

I have recently been involved in a discussion about women in authority as it relates to Sarah Palin's cadidacy for vice presidency. The issue has been comsuming me; my time, my thoughts.

Suddenly, as I received the kind words of a brother, I was convicted of my hypocrisy. Even as I stand opposed to voting for a woman, based on God's order of creation and His placing women in authority as a judgement on nations, and His giving peoples over to their iniquities as judgement on them, I was not going home and asking my own husband. I was not being silent or humble, but argumentative. I was also taking time, purchased from me by my employer, to read and respond in that blog.

When I said, "I want to follow my Saviour very closely." My Saviour crushed my prideful heart, and showed me my sin.

Father, I thank you for weighing my heart. I thank you that You are
able to show me my unclean ways, and cleanse me. Forgive me, love me, lead
me in the way everlasting!

In Christ's name, Amen

"Special Meetings"

Meetings Canceled

Yesterday Planned Parenthood was closed for a "Special Meeting". There were no children killed yesterday at 421 South College. My heart rejoices, but is aware that those little ones who didn't die yesterday, are on the docket for slaughter next week.

So, as my heart rejoices for the relief, the break in the battle, it is also heavy, knowing that the war goes on.

Pencil Me In

Last Thursday was the first Thursday of September, it was also the first Thursday of the Fall Semester at IU. On the first Thursday of the month, the CGS Pro-life group has an outreach planned on campus. There, we may hold signs, or pass out literature. As it turned out, it was raining, and we (old folks) wimped out on the youngsters (sorry Ben and Hannah!). We slid by the corner of Indiana and Kirkwood, and finding no one standing for the unborn in the rain, we went home ... to our dry, safe, quiet home.

This Thursday, then, was our rain date. Glen, however found himself in a special deacons meeting. So I had special meetings with passers-by on the corner of Indiana and Kirkwood.

I am so glad I was not alone. If I did not believe that God brought people to me, and stood with me, and strengthened me,
  • I would definitely be intimidated by the microbiologist, who knows all the facts, and will not take my pamphlet because she is secure in knowing that it's still OK to kill the little ones.
  • I would never have approached or walked with the man in the suit and tie, with a bluetooth in his ear, who confidently asserted against all reason that this is just not an important issue.
  • I would never have given literature to the lesbian couple who eyed me suspiciously from across the street.
  • I would never have stood in the middle of a group of jovial young men and talked to them about unborn children and the importance on considering their helplessness and need for protection.
  • I would never have spoken with any authority to beautiful young women about such a "personal choice."

I gave away about 140 pamphlets with information about unborn children, choices, life, God, and my phone number. The conversations were not very stunning. Everyone was in a hurry.

God, I pray that you will do a mighty work in the hearts of my people. I pray that we will humble ourselves, and trust you, and that you will strengthen us for the work you have prepared for us to do, give us words to speak and people to hear them, and be glorified in our presense. In Christ's name I pray, Amen.