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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Friendly Fellow

"Friendly Fellow" generally refers to an animal when googling.

Open-Minded Guy

Just a warning:

I was going to look for a picture to illustrate my upcoming post on our Campus Outreach for Life and Christ last night, so I googled, "Open-minded guy." Don't do it. You will find a bunch of people so comsumed by "the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another" that they "become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity." (From Romans 1:24-29)

Who knew that "open-minded" now means bi- or homosexual?

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Last Thursday was a highly interactive day at Planned Parenthood in Bloomington. God was busy, pruning those He loves.

On the previous Thursday, Ginger spent a great deal of time and words and care on a couple who seemed to be there for an abortion. The woman called her mother, who prayed on the phone with her. Ginger gave her her phone number, which she took. She said that if she didn't do this, she would need a ride, because he would leave her there. Finally, they came out. It seemed that they had changed their mind, although they did not stop to tell Ginger that they had as they left together. This Thursday they cae back. Their resolve was locked, and their coutenence unshakable. They killed their baby.

From time to time during the week, I thought of them, and prayed. I prayed little prayers like sticky notes left on the bathroom mirror or refrigerater door for God to see when He happened across them. This was not a pleading for the life of a child, or the soul of a friend. There was no pounding on His door in the middle of the night.

Be No Respecter of Persons:
A couple showed up in a car that was held together by bungy cords. The guy had a huge knitted hat that was filled with his dreadlocks. The girl was bouncy and giddy, and there was an awkward silence about the length of a stick of butter before anyone said anything to them. Most people have words before they shut their car door.

On the other hand:
A large white bearded man drove up in a white hot rod with two young black women. He parked and the two girls went in together. After a while, I noticed that his car window was wide open, so I stood behind his car on the adjacent property and talked to him. I frankly told him what this looked like, what they were doing at Planned Parenthood that day. I offered him information, phone numbers, and help. I offered to talk to him about what was going on.
Once, he turned around in his seat to look at me, but otherwise, he remained unmoved.
Then, the younger of the two women came out. I asked her if she was here for an appointment. She said she was not here for an abortion. I told her that that is what they were doing there that day. She said she knew that, and that she just couldn't wait for her sister any longer, because she did not believe in abortion. She said she was a Christian.

Suddenly that large man, who drove her there, and sat in the car while the women take care of their business, got out of his car and finds his tongue, behind the skirts of this young black woman. He's suddenly telling me that he didn't appreciate me standing there trying to lay a guilt trip on him. They were not ther for an abortion but to "prevent pregnancy" and if I wanted to talk about the Bible, he would be happy to engage in that because he is a deacon in a church. (About that time, my deacon - and hero Glen - can be seen heading over in our direction and this fellow ducks back into his car and tells the girl to get in as well.

I don't know all that he said, because I was giving the girl a brochure, and telling her that I would like to talk to her, if she needs to talk, and her sister too. She did take the brochure, and when the man told her to get in the car, she did.

A deacon? Well, shet ma mouth! I should be coming to him for guidance. I waved at the girl in the back seat when they left. She smiled and waved back.

Right is wrong; good is bad; those who shun evil have become prey:
A red car arrived, parked near us, and a woman, and two men fot out. The woman flipped her finger over her shoulder, as one of the men escorted her quickly to the door.

One of the men hung back. He seemed to get all caught up in what people were saying to him. When he said that the baby is not a baby yet, I showed him my brochure and told him about what's going on with his baby right now. He tore it in half and threw it on the ground. Then he went to the guard and asked if it was illegal for us to do this.

That just is so ironic, and may come to be: That it will be legal to kill a child, and illegal to speak against it.

Clint, Ginger, everyone spent a great deal of time with this man. He was a puzzle for me. Sometimes I thought he must be pulling our chains. Sometimes, I thought he was just a simple man who believed that if it was a child, it would be illegale to kill it, therefore, it must not be a child.

I don't know how this last on turned out.


For the couple who killed there child, and for the woman's mother, that she will be a convicting and restoring agent in her life. May they come to Christ.

For the two men and a woman in the red car. God, help them. Holy Spirit, take my prayers to the Father, and make them righteous.

For the deacon and the two black women. For this deacon's church.

God, teach us to pray. Teach us to love. Teach us Your way, and lead us in the path everlasting! In Christ name I pray, Amen