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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Do not trust in horses and chariots: McCain vs Obama

When I heard about McCain's choice for his vice-presidential running mate, my heart fell. Then I looked into her and found myself saying, "Well, at least she's pro-life." Although I smelled a scheme, a carrot, I couldn't help getting a little excited. I was simply expressing relief, and hope that maybe victory and rest from the struggle is within reach...

I am concerned with Christians, though during this time. Christians need to discern, and frankly we're not very good at it. When a shiney prize is dangled in front of our faces, we will grab at it, believing that we are helping God to accomplish His good will on earth.

We must remember not only that God is the creator of life, and we, as His children must protect helpless, innocent people (even when one candidate is tickling our ears about poverty, crime and the war), but that He has given it to men to lead (even when one candidate is a pro-life, pro-guns, pro-traditional-marriage mother-of-five, one being a down-syndrome-infant.

In Scripture, the shedding of innocent blood, the killing of children in the womb is one of God's judgements on His people. We do it, because we are in rebellion against God, and we do it because we are under God's judgement!

We need to also remember that when God placed a woman over His people and others, it was His judgement on them as well (so sorry, I am haveing a hard time finding references right now). We want a woman to rule over us because we are in rebellion against God, and He gives us a woman to rule over us because we are under His judgement.

Oh, it was so much easier when the focus was on Obama against Clinton, wasn't it? Both were clearly proabortion, one a woman and one a man. As an independent voter, it was soothing to sit back and watch what God would do.

And I so hoped that McCain would stick with what I think is the closest thing to a politician's commitment, and choose an anti-abortion running mate. I really didn't think he would, because I think he will do anything to get elected. It just makes things messier that his choice is a woman.

Then I so hoped that Sarah would turn down the offer. What a hero she would be to turn down the offer of running for the second highest office in the United States of America so that she could take care of the important business of raising her little ones that are so precious to her (and her shiniest badge on her chest).

The the more I read about her, the more I realized that this was right up her alley. She is not Deborah, who took the position of leadership only when it was obvious that no man would, and gave warning that she would do so, but that there would be consequences for their failure to lead. She is not even Delilah/Herodious/(Ahab's Wife). She does not manipulate men to get her way. She GETS HER WAY. She will be a dinamo (aka: bully) in the white house just like she is in the Alaskan sate house, and in her own home.

So, if Obama is elected, we are under God's judgement and abortion will continue, and possibly be expanded, if that is possible.

But, if McCain is elected, and we have as his second in command, a woman over us, we are under God's judgement. I'm not even sure that I know what that means.

I haven't really checked out the third candidate, but I am going to. I have never been a Rep or Dem, and am not committed to either. I think McCain's choice is a reminder not to "go to Egypt" for help in fighting our battles. The judges, the congress, the president are the horses and chariots that we must not trust in. The battle belongs to the Lord.

If we trust in the Republicans to end abortion, they will betray us for political or monetary gain. If we trust in the Democrats to end poverty or discrimination, they will betray us for political or monetary gain. If we trust in a third party to be independent thinkers, they will betray us for the same or new reasons.

Put your trust in GOD!

I know that God raises rulers and brings them down. I think we need to think really hard this year, and encourage all Christians to do the same.

I think we also need to humble ourselves, confess our part in all this, and pray.

Go to the polls in November and vote according to the Will of God, and the teaching of Scripture, and according to God's leading. Do not vote strategically. Don't cast your vote because you think it will cause one result or another. Cast your vote because you know that you will stand before God one day and give an account for that action.

My suggestions:

Don't vote for Obama; he has few redeeming ideas, and he is adament in his support of abortion.

If you vote for McCain, do so with trembling, realizing that you are ushering in God's judgement.

Consider another option.

In the meantime, as long as Roe is in force, God is bringing people to Planned Parenthoods around the country (3-4000 a day) to hear what He would have His servants say to them. Are they hearing it? Are they being told the truth? Are they being warned? Are they being loved? Are they being called to repentance? Are they hearing of God's judgement and mercy?