Come, Read the Bible with Me!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am still here. God help me.

On March 9, we watched a show on Mtv about some young people who had left the Amish community. It's part of Mtv's "True Life" series. This one was called "I'm Ex Amish." I don't know how to find links to it, or upload significant snippets, so I will try to express what impressed me about this show.

I don't know a lot about the Amish, and I don't promote lifestyle as faith. I think they have a lot of things wrong, but most of us do. If, however, they are counting on the purity of their lives to commend them to God, then they are fatally wrong.

One of the young people featured on this show was a young woman, who ran away from home when she was fifteen. She ended up in New York, and loved living there. She expressed a constant yearning, however, to have peace with her father. Finally, she contacted her family, and her father agreed to meet. With an Mtv crew in tow, she headed out to her family's home for a visit. She was scared and excited.

When she was nearly there, she called her Dad. She explained to us that her family had since "moved to a more liberal church" and now had a phone. She was pleasantly surprised that her Dad was so friendly and welcoming on the phone.

When she arrived at a normal-looking home, with modern conveniences, her regular-looking sister in a regular-looking dress greeted her excitedly. Her mother hugged on her, and her Dad smiled nervously. He wanted to talk to her alone.

The Mtv crew hung out on the deck and listened in as the Father pleaded with his daughter regarding Jesus, Scripture and Truth. She stormed out, claiming that he didn't respect her. She drove home venting that she hates it when he comes at her with the Bible.

This is heroic. I was impressed. The Dad was not pleading for the Amish, or for the lifestyle, or for the family or for customes or traditions. He was pleading in the name of Jesus for his daughter's life right in front of Mtv and everybody.

What fear of God this is. What a putting-off of the fear of Man! This is loving the Lord first, which causes us to love our children, our spouses, our bretheren, and sinners.

While I was out of the room, they "agreed to disagree" and she was welcome to visit, and willing to do so.

Then her grandmother died. She was asked to come to the funeral, and her father bought her an airplane ticket to come: one way.

She was infuriated that he disrespected her by not making the ticket round trip. She refused to come to the funeral, and they haven't spoken since.

Did the Dad reject the daughter? No.

The daughter rejected the Dad at each point and finally (up to this point). She actually desires the Dad, but the Dad is Christ's servant, and she will not have that.

She knows where to find him, and she knows that she will find him with his Bible, and his Saviour.

Teach me kindness, Lord, regarding customs and preferences, and a forehead of flint regarding truth and devotion to You.

May they always know where to find me: right here with my Bible and my Saviour!