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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Something to think about...

Something to think about:

God struck Ananius and Sophyra dead for lying,
(under grace)

but let David live.
(under the law)


Erica said...

Where can these be found at?

Rachel Pierson said...

IN ACTS 5:1-10, Ananias & Sapphira sold a piece of property and counseled wbetween themselves to give a protion to the church and claim that it was the full selling price of their property. God struck first Ananias and then his wife, Sapphira dead.

II Samuel 12 tells about Nathaniel's confrontation of David after his dreadfull sin of murder and adultery. Yes, God dealt with David and pronounced judgement on his household, but He did not strike David dead.

Really, God is so GREAT! With perfect justice, He deals with peoples and persons.

Many people say that the God of the Old Testament was so judgemental, and the God of the New Testament is Love.

This is just such a striking contrast.