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Friday, August 03, 2007

It's Personal

Pro-life: It's personal.

Christ Centered Pro-Life has posted a commentary about a comprehensive "Pr0-life" life. "Everyday Pro-life" is more than just defending the defenseless in the form of the unborn baby.

  • It is also uplifting the downtrodden; encouraging the hopeless; feeding the hungry.
  • It's Jesus at the well;
  • it's Jesus spitting in the mud;
  • it's Jesus drawing in the dirt;
  • it's Jesus feeding the five thousand;
  • it's Jesus delaying his journey to Lazarus' bedside in his illness;
  • it's Jesus weeping over Mary and Martha's loss;
  • it's Jesus loving the children of Jerusalem even as they rejected Him.
  • It is the unrelenting Stephen explaining from scripture God's plan of salvation as his accusers became more and more vehement.
  • It is Jim Elliott, flying into the jungle, unarmed because he was ready to die, but the natives were with out God and without hope in this world.
It is sometimes hard, and always surprising. It is surprising how, when my heart waxes cold, and begins to wander, something happens to make it personal.

Yesterday, I saw someone I knew... I am at a loss. Pray for me.

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