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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Consecration of the fight against Planned Parenthood to Jesus through Mary

Two weeks ago, my abortion protester friend, Marcelle left a message with Glen, because he got there before I did, and she had to go. It was a copy of a Catholic prayer specific to the abortion issue, but it was not the prayer that she had shown me a couple of weeks before that. Glen said that she thought that I might be upset with her.

She wrote this above the prayer:
Please read this!!
The reason I am writing this is because I love you and I don'[t want any misunderstanding to separate our friendship. I am asking you to read this prayer that we pray so you will have a better understanding why we pray to Jesus through His Mother (a human being). I ask you to pray for me a human being why not with Mary a human being. A Mother's prayer is always powerful remember she is the spouse of the Holy Spirit and a child of God the Father as we also are. Thank you I love you!!!

Here is the prayer:

Consecration of the fight against Planned Parehthood to Jesus through Mary
NOTE: It is intended that this prayer should be said by the group fighting PP in their community together at some public gathering - perhaps in a church or outside Planned Parenthood. It would be said once and then repeated on an annual basis.
O most Holy Mother of God, "who bore in your womb the very One who the heavens cannot contain," *to you we consecrate our efforts to stop Planned Parenthood's evil attacks upon humanity.

Since God ordained to bring His son, Jesus, into the world through you, so we humbly ask that, through you, we will bring Jesus to the very doors of Planned Parenthood and into the hearts of all who work or enter there.

With full confinece in you, we consecrate all our efforts, through you, to your Devine Son. Through your Immaculate Heart, we ask that you bring love and peace to all communities.

Banish, we beg you, Planned Parenthood and its progeny from the face of the earth. Crush, once and for all, the head of the serpent that schemes and strikes every day, taking the lives and souls of our children.

Holy Spirit, spouse of Mary, breathe forth a new and profound spirit of wisdom and respect for every human being's life upon those individuals who are employed by or volunteer their time or provide financial support for Planned Parenthood's efforts. Grant a softening of the cold, steely hearts that deny dignity and legal protection to all people, and grant that, from the first moment of biological development, the personhood of every human being be proclaimed and protected by law, respected by all, and honored as a unique and sacred gift from God.

Blessed Mary, who has been granted power by God to assist those on earth, by that power may Planned Parenthood, its progeny, and all like-minded entities that exist to destroy the human person be permanently driven out of our communities, our country and our world, and may those who commit and promote these heinous crimes against humanity open themselves to a profound conversion of heart.

Prayer approved by Bishop Emeritus John W. Yanta
*St. Louis De Montfort's Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin Mary, True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Bay Shore, NY: Montfort Publications, 1980) p. 176-179.

There are so many things to say about this, that it is overwhelming. I will say just a few things now, and maybe come back to it again later.

Marcella I don't want a such a misunderstanding of the person and work and sufficiency of Jesus Christ to separate you from Christ.

Mary was the wife of Joseph, not of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit miraculously created life in Mary's womb, out of wedlock. The Bible speaks briefly, and matter-of-factly of Mary's other children, conceived through normal marital relations with her husband, Joseph.

While the title of the prayer indicates that the pro-life efforts are consecrated to Jesus, through Mary, the first paragraph says, "to you we consecrate our efforts to stop Planned Parenthood..." In contrast, then the third paragraph says "With full confidence in you, we consecrate all our efforts, through you, to your Divine Son."

The fourth paragraph begs Mary to banish Planned Parenthood et al. Here the prayer also speaks of Mary's work of crushing the head of the serpent, (this particular serpent being the one that schemes to kill children's lives and souls). This work was clearly spoken of as Christ's (the progeny of Eve) in Genesis.

Any work of the Holy Spirit in this prayer seems to be strengthened by His relationship with Mary, not because He is God.

Marcelle had told me that Mary was granted power by Christ on the cross to help mankind. The final paragraph in this prayer speaks of this power, but I cannot find this granting of power to Mary in Scripture.

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Megan said...

You must remember that Catholics do not believe in Scripture alone, we believe in Scripture and Tradition. I encourage you to read up on Marian tradition and why it is so important to Catholics. The simple prayer you were given was not enough to form an educated option on the matter. As a convert (Baptist to Catholic), I had a hard time with Mary at first, after reading Scripture as well as the Church fathers I came to understand her importance in salvation. Again, I encourage you to do more research. She was an amazing woman and without her yes we wouldn't have a savior. Let me be clear, Catholics DO NOT worship Mary nor do we ask her for things, we only ask her to intercede (pray to Christ with and for us), just like you would ask a friend to pray for you. I hope this clears up some of the mud.