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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Getting Comfortable

This is the first time I have ever done a blog. I only just recently commented on someone's blog, and I'm not sure I got that right! A few years ago I posted something on a message board online. I'm not sure what is different about blogging. I am just going to do one now, to get comfortable.

My purpose on this blog will be to glorify Christ. In the process, it is likely that I will be proved wrong about some things. I haven't got everything figured out. More than likely, more questions will be asked than answered. I think questions are the basis of the most interesting discussions.

If you are able to find this blog, feel free to give advice, answer questions, or to join in any discussion. Remember, compared to the excellancy of the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, my opinions are counted as loss, indeed as rubbish.


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