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Friday, January 20, 2006


This one will stretch your mind, I ASSURE YOU. tHE QUESTION: wHat's wrong with RACHEL'S KEYBoARD NOW?

tHIS DISFUNCTION IS HAppening on severAL LEVELS. tHE ONE YOU Can see AND Can, with some flexATION OF THE GRay mATTER, GUESS. tHERE are other things hAPPENING, THOUGH WHICH YOU Can't see AND i DON'T Care to expound.


hERE IT IS: gOD IS ONCE agAIN TEaching me something: paTIENCE (DUH) and humility. Holly wAS TELLING ME about this problem, AND i THOUGHT SHE Was just inADVERTantly hitting a WRONG KEY. i Had to humble myself, AFTER Taking A REDICULOUS amoung of time to write A SIMPLE EMail, AND apologiz.+e to her for disbelieving her struggle AND WRITING IT OFF as simple, unwARRanted griping.

God, thANKYOU FOR MY COMPUTER, and my husbAND and my kids (ORDER INSIGNIFICant). ThANK YOU FOR TEaching me humility in unexpected wAYS. You ARE the greAT and wonderful God.
CreATE IN ME a cleAN HEart thAT IS alwAYS GRateful, AND FROM WHICH SPILLS FORTH "only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen" TO yOUR GLORY.
In Jesus nAME, Amen


Hind's Feet said...

Oh my. So, are you thanking God? You can pray for me. I need to thank God for the various not fun things that have happened in the past few days and I find myself to be much like the Israelites whining for the past as if it was better somehow. UGH!

Thanks for the reminder. And, what did happen to the keyboard?

Rachel Pierson said...

Hi Kim,

Yes, I am thanking God for that. It must have been for the purpose of teaching me thankfulness and humility, because, Look! Everything is fine now!

I'm not sure I handled everything godly-ly (?) but, I came out of it praising God.

I have found, since starting this blog, that things like that help me to clarify things. Sin, priorities, leadership, submission... While I was doing an email under these adverse conditions, I was also having a discussion with Glen. It was not a Godly discussion, and I was expressing my frustration with "always" having to be the one to put my feelings aside to keep the peace. (Glen was trying to teach me about Proverbs 15:1 without even knowing that verse. God answers my prayers, and gives him wisdom.)

So when I was done, I came on here and posted about it, and while I was doing that, as I have found often in this place, God has given me an answer, Ephessians 4:29! (Can't find the verse that says to put the needs of others above my own 'consider others above thyself').

I hope you don't mind, Kim, but I'm also grateful for your troubles. I'm just pretty impressed with the calm that God has given you through this and the focus to get the job done! It is also nice to know a sister who knows her way around a computer.