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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Looking at myself through someone else's window

All in one week:

From Sufficiently Suffonsified:
So I went. I even got there early. As I arrived, I was glad that I had made the decision to go. When Bible study started, I felt out of place. I was the youngest lady there. Satan again, saw the window of opportunity in my heart, and tried to convince me that I shouldn't go, because it's for "old ladies". How depressing.

(To my shame, I teased this poor girl who was baring her heart for Jesus. How proud I am, and slow to seek wisdom. Why is it that I would cling to the illusion of youth, when age is so much better in a plethora of ways!)

From a conversation with my daughter:
Me: I just hit 1101 hits on my blog, and probably at least 100 of them are not me!
Daughter: I have been to your blog.
Me: How many times?
Daughter: was boring.

(Boring? Really! I had no idea!)

From my co-workers:
My husband nick-named me The Bully. I can live with that. It is a way for him... well, actually, I can just live with it. Someone needs to be the meanie, right? So, at work, while we were sitting around eating pizza one day, I joked that my husband nick-named me "The Bully." Nobody laughed.

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