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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday, March 30

NOTE: There are several possible reasons for this post. Three of which I will accept and claim. Four that are pure. Five that are probably true. One that I pray that God will guard my heart against:
#1 I want to brag on myself.
#2 I want the flogging of the righteous.
#3 I want the counsel of the righteous.
#4 I want to remember this.
#5 I need help.

This morning, when I arrived on College Avenue the little, older escort (I think Carole told me her name was Marianne) and a younger (about early 30s) escort were sitting on the curb within the no-fly zone chatting. They looked up as I walked by and I smiled and waved. While I was doing it, I wondered if it would be more appropriate to shout some slogan; I had just walked past the Catholics wondering if I should be encouraging them to trust in the righteousness of Christ alone.

I have a Bible that I have had for about four months. It is to give away. I have had it too long. Pray that I will give it away soon.

I set it down by the telephone pole in the back corner of the parking lot and went and greeted Carole who was intent on someone, but glad for a hug. As I walked away a Friar who was talking to her returned to his soliloquy.

I stationed myself and opened my Bible. I was afraid this morning. I am always afraid, but this morning seemed more so, but it might be just because it was current. Then I noticed this new escort walking toward me. They never walk toward me. I just thought that was odd, and watched her as if she might do something else surprising or maybe she knew me. She walked up to me smiling and said that it was nice to see a friendly face, and quizzically asked if I was with... (making a gesture as if asking for an explanation of my purpose/association).

You have to know that I have talked to God very much about my countenance. My grandmother had a naturally stern-looking, down-turned mouth and she gave it to me along with her hair. My husband and kids are always misinterpreting my looks (well, sometimes;)) and it is because of this countenance. So when this woman said that it was nice to see someone with a friendly countenance, I thanked God inside.

I told her that I was here representing my Lord, Jesus Christ and that I would be happy to talk to her about Him. She backed up and spread her arms out and said that she is an Atheist and that she couldn't imagine that we have anything to talk about, and that He was a nice man, a really good man and all.... I told her that we have a lot to talk about, actually, but she walked away instead.

I thought later of many things I should have said...You know: Jesus could not have been a "good man" because he claimed to be God, so He either was, or he was a raving lunatic, which would make me a raving lunatic too.

That would be the primary one, I guess, but it just didn't come to mind. If you have anything that would be appropriate, please let me know.

There is a guard that I think has only been there for less than two months. He is young. He watches me. The escorts looked at me a lot today. They laughed at me, I think. I am a fool, and I know it.

I have thought that if I saw a woman out smoking a cigarette, maybe I could be brave enough to just suggest that she wait one week, and give her a Bible and my phone number. As I was leaving, though a woman was there but she was caught up in a conversation with a woman to whom I have talked on one occasion. She is a cloud without rain, but I just walked on by. I am pretty much a cloud without rain, myself. Any excuse is a good excuse to keep quiet.

From a comment under the post "All Other Ground is Sinking Sand" (February 23, 2006):

I do not want this cause to become an idol. It is God's word that we proclaim in it's marvelous fullness on Thursday mornings. Ours is not the gospel of pro-life, but the gospel of Jesus Christ.
God has also called us to make disciples of all nations. Go, seek the lost. Tell them about Christ. Find them where you work, where you go to school, where you go to church. Find them on College Avenue on Thursday mornings.
Yes, God is sovereign in salvation, and He has chosen to use you to accomplish His good will.
I hope to be
together with you in His service
subject to His word,


Erica said...

You already said more than I would have said. You just have to trust it was what God wanted to be said. After all, he uses humanness to reach the lost. Out of obedience you were there and it must have been for a reason, if only to say what you thought was stupid.

Rachel Pierson said...

Thank you, Erica. I hope so. I hope that a seed was planted. Only God can make it grow.

It is more than I would have said too. I was literally surprized to hear it come out of my mouth.

God id teaching me a lot right now about trusting Him.