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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hasta Luego, Amigo

Marsha is going south of the border. She worked half a day today. She will be gone for a half a day short of two weeks. Marsha doesn't like me.

I got this idea to give her a Bible to take on her trip. I almost got up the courage to give it to her. I thought of what to say, and I thought I would do it, but then I looked at the Bible.

I have had this Bible for over a year. I have it to give away. One day, though, at Planned Parenthood, I took the plastic wrapping off it, because I forgot my Bible. It is hard to read a Bible with the plastic wrapping still on it.

I always carry my bag with me. It has a stick figure on it, holding a stick Bible, and the caption reads, "I beieve." On Sundays I have my Sunday School stuff in it, and my scarf. On Wednesdays I have my WWEBS stuff in it (I haven't yet come to the conclusion that I should have my scarf on Wednesday nights, since it is Women's Wednesday Evening Bible Study), and on Thursdays, I have my Planned Parenthood resource notebook and hymnal in it. Always, I have this Bible. You never know when I might be able to give it away.

So one day, in the car, I had my Bible, my purse, my bag with the Bible in it, and a softdrink (a big one). This fountain pop had a small enough bottom to fit into the cup holder, and a big top. Around the corner I went, and over the pop went, right into my bag. I was upset to find it, and there was little enough damage for such a large pop to dump into a bag.

The Bible however has tainted edges.

Marsha doesn't like me because I have tainted edges, I think. So when I got the courage up to give her the Bible, and had a notion of what I would say, and I would be really friendly, I saw those tainted edges.

I don't trust God, I guess, to use tainted edged Bibles to make a new heart in someone like Marsha.

She's gone now.

Doesn't God get tired of me?


Hind's Feet said...

Been thinkin' on this one. God does not tire of you, or me. He does tire of our sin. Good thing is, He is PATIENT. Oh, that is SUCH a good thing!!

Rachel Pierson said...


Praise Him for His mercy endures forever!