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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Whoze Da Fool?

I have read about them. I have seen them on TV. I have talked to people who have seen them. I have never, never seen one before...before today!

Today, I listened to a sidewalk preacher. He was actually in the parking lot of Planned Parenthood. Steve was preaching when Glen and I arrived. He spoke clearly, plainly and with conviction. The fear of God was upon him.

I do not know when he started. He told me he would be preaching from 9 to 10, but when we arrived at about 10:08, he continued for some time.

It used to be that I was scoffed at there, and it was appropriate. They used to smirk at me, but I haven't felt their disdain in a while. I have become a rather quiet one of late.

Today, they made jokes...loud jokes. Today, they scoffed. They did not, though, leave. They stayed and the Word of God was preached in their presense. They heard of God's creation, and the beauty of it. They heard of the gift of life, children and the privilege that women have to bear and raise children. They heard of the pressures men, fathers, mates, and society place on women to disdain and destroy this privilage. I am certain that this was the first time that some of them heard these archaic words.

They heard of the Holy God's displeasure with the murdering of these children. They heard of His great power, and frightful judgement.

They also heard of His long-suffering and mercy. They heard the invitation to seek refuge from the coming wrath in the Son of God, who died for even these sins.

Oh, God, our Heavenly Father,

I repent of my reluctance to speak and proclaim Your truth with all boldness. I confess that I have been afraid of man; in fact the good opinion of my fellow Christians I seek, above the proclamation of your truth and obedience to your commands.

If I plan to NOT speak thus, let my bones waste away within me. May your hand be heavy upon me, and your words burn in my mouth until I speak them.

Do not let me rely on the wisdom of man, or on my own ideas of a compelling arguement. But let me stand on your Word alone; and make my feet, then, firm wheresoever you lead me.

In the name of your Son, my Lord, Jesus Christ,

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