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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Don't be so mean, ya mean ol' Meanie!

Mean: What do you mean, "mean."

Today, at Planned Parenthood, I was loitering. A woman went in, alone, and I pretty much left her alone. As she came out and got in her vehicle, she looked at me. Then as she approached me, she stopped and rolled down her window and asked me if I needed a ride or something. I said, no, I'm here to offer people information about children, and abortion and life. I offered her a brochure.

She was repulsed, and the brochure that should have been in her extended fingers when I let go of it landed on her passenger seat. She said, "Oh-h, you're mean! So mean! Let people make up their own minds!" She handed the brochure back to me, and drove away.

Mean? Wow.

She was so kind, to ask me if I needed a ride. Why was I so mean?

Discouraged, maybe, but mean?

There was a guy who brought a girl. He was waiting for her to get out of the car when I pleaded with him to reconsider what he was here to do. Don't kill your child, it does nothing but damage to everyone involved. I exhorted him to take responsibility to to protect them. He ignored me. Then I tried to talk to the girl, who grinned at me and shrugged. They went in. He said something to me, but I can't remember what. He was very flippant and cool.

They came back out to fill out some papers on the bench behind the fence, so I went there and tried to talk to them. I offered her a brochure. She again just grinned at me. He said something about hell. I asked him to repeat it. I heard something about sodomites and hell, but I was still missing something, this wasn't making sense. I finally realized that he said that they were murderers and sodomites, and that they were going to hell. He seemed fine with that. I said, "OK, but would you please not kill your child on your way there."

"Nope, we're going to kill it."

What could I say? Mean? Me? Maybe. Lame is more like it. I don't know.


Ben Curell said...

Whatever, Rachel. You are not lame! Being at PP is hard stuff, and God is pleased to use us sinners to accomplish His will - even though He oftentimes doesn't show us the fruit. (Which, I am convinced, is to protect us from more pride.) We can hardly expect to stand for Truth if we are not in direct communication with The Truth. This was again made evident to me this week - God will not use me when I am doing this as a "community service". I must seek to defend the innocent and illuminate His truth into these mothers' lives, and I CANNOT do this apart from God. So I'm reminding you - and asking you to remind me - HAVE FAITH, GIRL!

Ben Curell said...

By the way, that's me callin' ya' girl - not my husband. :)


Rachel Pierson said...

Thanks for the clarification, Girl! As I read the first comment, I heard is in Ben's voice. It was completely different in your voice.

The heart is so deceitful and DESPERATELY wicked.

Thank you for the admonition to draw my life and strength from God's Word. I have been bemused a couple of times this week and worried about what people think of me. I need to be more concerned about whether they are seeing Christ, and less concerned about whether they see me, hear me, appreciate my efforts.

Thanks, Kyla

Rachel Pierson said...

I could have ignored him and told her that I know what kind of struggles and pressures she is facing. I could have offered to take her in and talk to her parents with her. I could have talked to her about...what?

My mind was just a little befuddled because he looked so familiar to me. Have I seen him there before with another girl? ...or have I simply seen the exact same attitude and countenance there before?

THAT is mind-boggling.