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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Secrets and Mice

It used to be that no one knew what went on in the Pierson home unless we told. Not so any more!

The last time we had mice, it was a great story to tell...if we so chose. This time, while I suspected that we had a wild visitor, I didn't know for sure until a member of our small group silently mouthed, "Mm-ouw-sss" to another one, and giggled. (sigh)

Later the same Sunday evening while we were engaged in a VERY serious discussion of sexual sin, another of our group saw one running through the rafters, and offered to catch it. (si-igh)

This morning, Glen discarded the seventh mouse caught in the week and a half since that meeting.


Kim Berner said...

I love our small group, and I love that we have Julie. She truly makes me smile =)

Rachel Pierson said...

Kim, (aka: The Great Mouse Detector)

I love our small group too, more than you could possibly know.