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Friday, April 18, 2008


I think I just experienced my first earthquake.

I was sitting here at my computer, checking out some stuff, when it seemed like one of the dogs started scratching. Sometimes when they scratch, they will be up against a wall or door, and they will make something vibrate.

Then I realized that the shaking was happening to everything, and not just one particular wall. The things on the shelves in the kitchen were rattling, and in the living room, and everywhere!

I was standing, when I realized this, because I was going to get the scratching dog so she didn't wake anyone else up; so I went down on my knees. I guess I was thinking that if the ceiling fell, it would be better if it didn't knock me down, I suppose.

While I was on my knees, I remembered Who holds my life in His hand, Who provides me with the roof over my head, and Who will sustain it and me, if He so decides.

The rattling subsided, but the house continued to vibrate. One neighborhood dog had started to bark with a frightened tone. I looked out the front window, and everything seemed normal, except that there are no cars in my neighbor's driveway.

I went to Lydia's room to get one of the dogs, and found her up gathering her birds back into their cage. The quake had frightened them. By the time I was done there, the quake seemed to be completely done.

Glen slept through it.

Thank you God, for this reminder of Your great power. Thank you for life and love, our home, and for all that You provide and require of us. In Christ name, Amen.


debbiekay said...

When I was in Okinawa before George came over, I was asleep in my barracks room and awoke to things dancing across the floor: the bed, the dresser, etc. Things were dancing and falling off the dresser. I was frightened, visualized the street opening and swallowing the barracks and me there on the other side of the world, alone, going to die! What a powerful thing that was.

Erica said...

That's hilarious about the dogs. My mom thought the same thing with her Dauchsund. She thought the dog was leaning against the couch scratching.