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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Evansvillians, I love them!

Some of the most striking people come from Evansville.

At Planned Parenthood today, I called a woman to come talk to me. She turned to me, and acted like she wanted to come, but asked, if we would hurt her. Haha. That is so precious! She has heard, either from the popular culture, or the media, or the escorts at Planned Parenthood that we are dangerous.

We told her that we are not there to do harm, but to help... we love her. She came over, we asked what if she was there for an appointment. She had apparently already taken her friend in to the appointment, and had gone away for a while and was just coming back. We told her whatever we could, and offered help to her and her friend. I gave her my phone number, but she said she's not from around here. She had a cell phone, and I asked her if it was AT&T. It was. I told her it is a free call, then, because, I am AT&T too!

As she was walking away, I asked where she is from...Evansville. I meet the nicest people from Evansville at Planned Parenthood.

If you live in Evansville, would you find out when they do their pre-abortion examinations? These people need to hear the truth before I see them in Bloomington!

Please, go to your local Planned Parenthood, and declair the Truth to those who need to hear it.

These women come to the well at Planned Parenthood, and they do not find the living water, but rather poison for themselves, their babies, and for their souls. Take water there and give them to drink.

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