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Saturday, October 04, 2008

She Touched my Heart

Thursday, a young woman parked in the back row of the parking lot at Planned Parenthood, and approached the entrance. She was alone, and it was past the time when most arrive for abortions. I asked her if she was here for an appointment, no. I asked her what she was there for. She shrugged her shoulders and threw up her hands, and said she just was looking for some information. I invited her to come talk to me, and she came. She seemed shocked when I told her that they were aborting children there.

"Isn't that creepy?" she asked me later.

Yah, it is.

Here's another thing that, although I would not call it creepy, it is definitely out of the ordinary: You, young lady, are standing in the middle of a parking lot in Bloomington, talking to an older woman, who is holding a Bible open, about some of the most personal things in your life; things you haven't told any one else. This, was truly an honor. Thank you.

I think she was uninformed, and simply hadn’t thought this through. If this is the case, she was in a very vulnerable position. She was looking for information, and she knew, like we know to breath when our bodies need oxygen, that Planned Parenthood had the information she needed. As it turned out, she thinks she might be pregnant, and everything else, it seems is unstable.

Thank God! Thank Him for bringing her to me to talk to her. Thank Him! for the times I have spoken His words to people who wouldn't listen so that I would be ready for this appointment! Thank Him! for the turmoil in her life that may be used by God for her salvation! Thank Him! for CPC, and pray for them in their work.

I gave her phone numbers (mine, CPC’s, and CGS’s) and directions to CPC. Please pray for her, and her boyfriend. Pray that she will come to church, and that God's people will love her, and her baby. Pray for her parents also.

God is gracious and good, and very powerful! He is able to do more than we could ask or imagine!

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