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Monday, August 22, 2005

blah, blah, bla...

I am learning. Everything I do does not work the way I expect it to, and sometimes the results surprize me.

I told my daughter where to find my blog, and when I asked if she made any comments, she said that you have to have a blogger account to do that. That kind of reminded me of how I got started on all this. I was at a friend's blog and when I tried to comment, it appeared that I had to set up an account, so I did.

So, I went on my blog, and tried to make a comment to several posts to see if you could do it without an account (you can). Then I thought I saw where I could delete a comment, so I worked for a long time to undo what I had done so that people would not waste time checking on comments that were really not comments. Now I see that they still appear as comments, but when you click them, it is just a notice that this comment has been deleted. I don't delete people's comments (at least I have never have). So now everyone knows what that is. I deleted my own "comments" but left a scar.

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