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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face to shine upon you...and be gracious unto you.

Take a look at Ezekial, Jeremiah, Ezra, and others of old. So many of them lived lives that were designed by God to show His attributes. He sustained them, but showed to the Isaelites, through them, who He is: His Holiness and justice and judgement and infinite mercy and long suffering.

I wonder what they thought. I wonder if sometimes they thought they were just crazy, and then they would have days when they would say, "Oh, yah, that's what this is all about!"

You know, when John sent his disciples to Jesus to ask if He was the one, or if they should continue to watch.

I sometimes get all caught up in the here and now and forget that God knows the beginning from the end. That He will draw near to me, when my heart is humble.

I was going to comment on something, but I thought, "Nobody wants to hear that...oh, yah! Nobody will!"

OK. If the Lord has given me experiences in this life for a reason, then it is to His glory, and for the edification of or warning to the saints. (ok, ok, it might also have to do with my rebelion...but if I meant it for evil, did He not mean it for good? Will He not work all of it together for the good of those who love Him? If not for me, then for one of His other sheep.)

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