Come, Read the Bible with Me!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Did you ever have one of those days?


BLP said...

A comment for one who despairs!

Rachel Pierson said...

Wow! Thank you Brandon!

I feel better now. I guess I'll stop stuffing my essays under cardboard boxes.


Erica said...

Yeah, I am definitely reading them too! I probably should comment more to let you know I am out here. I have gotten behind on my own blog recently. Now, that I have more time that should change.

Rachel Pierson said...

Erica! Thank you for letting me know that you're still there. How is everything going in IL?
(Met any neighbors yet?)(Have you found a place to walk/run?)

Don't worry, I lurk in blogs too. I really have gotten over the need for comments, but I sure do enjoy them.
I'm just grinnin' now!

(I guess I'll have to add pictures and have someone else do the writing more often! {{;c)