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Friday, August 18, 2006

A Good Wife

Do you ever get those emails that have been forwarded, and that make you go, "Hmm?"

Got this one:

(This was as large as I could make it. Click on the image if you can't read it to make it larger)

The subject line for most of the forwards was: "FW: Ah, Nostalgia, yeah right!!!" Some of the comments were, "Times have changed!" (from my son-in-law, Jeff), "Seriously." (from someone unknown to me) and the subject line was changed when my step-daughter, Jill sent it to me, "this is so funny."

Yes, this is a very strange idea in the year 2006 after how many years of "women's lib"? I can completely understand the disdain of today's men and women. I would like over a period of time to take apart some of the points. Some are debatable.

This should be a good discussion starter. Please don't clam up. I have been on both sides on this.


BLP said...


You might be interested in this link:
The site,, is one of the best sites on the net for researching the validity of those things that pop up in your inbox. They're not sure if this article is authentic or not.

I would add to the end of that list this comment: "A good husband always knows his place." His place, of course, is as the servant king of his household. A good dose of humility and repentance could have prevented feminism from taking over.

Hind's Feet said...

I look to Snopes for many things, but would not have thought to check for this. Having read the snopes page I am more perplexed and rather disturbed. One wonders what the author of that page truly believes?

All that aside, some of the points are quite excellent and some I would probably dispute, thus placing me in the "contentious wife" category.

Hmmm, guess I have some thinking and searching to do. After all, no matter how "golden" the "old days" were, Bible should always take precident over sentiment and tradition.