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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Women at the Well

It has been a while since I have posted....

Last week at Planned Parenthood:

I asked God Wednesday night what on earth He wants me to do there. What, of Jesus' life and love could I take to the women there? Why are they there? Why am I there? Why?

Jesus met a woman at the well. She was a Samaritan woman and was living with a man out of wedlock. She came to the well for water. He offered her the living water.

Have I been her? Yes. Did Jesus love me? Yes. Do I ever meet any one like that? Yes, yes, yes.

Women come to Planned Parenthood looking for what? A solution to a "problem." The problem looks different to them than to God, and the solution is misunderstood as well. They think the problem is the pregnancy. I could take it back a step and say that it is their understanding of sexuality or relationships, freedom and love. God, though understands perfectly their problem: they are sinners. I have been given the solution to their problem; it is the same as mine. It is Jesus Christ and a correct undertanding of our sin and His holiness.

God, help me to remember this!

Last Thursday was cold and windy. It was a cold that stayed with me all afternoon too. It was just a yucky day, and the wind shoved the cold deep under the skin.

In the morning, Glen and I stopped by on my way to work. When we prayed, I didn't mean to be the only one to pray. I shouldn't have prayed. I should have left it for the men there to pray. I don't want to offend God or any man. I don't think my words are so important that I must say them.

Later when Glen and I were there, no one would approach me; but a man who was there with a woman came out with her and sat in their truck for a long period of time. We talked to them, but they wouldn't talk to us. We offered them hope in Jesus, and he offered us his finger.

I didn't get arrested, but I was tempted once. Two women arrived in a large vehicle. One (dark haired) got out on the driver's side and made eye contact with us. The other (blonde) got out on the passenger side (closer to us). She started moving around the vehicle and toward the entrance. She wasn't moving smoothly. She stopped and looked at us and asked us to repeat what we said. She looked as if she considered coming over to us, but walking seemed very difficult and she turned and went in. What would a hug and a softly-spoken word done? Flesh touching flesh and eyes meeting... ? We prayed for them. Yesterday, Kim (who returned for a second time that day, to stand with Annie) said that she saw her come out later and that she looked broken and was crying.

Lane came. Next week he is planning to join Jeff M. at noon.

Josh said that Steve M. preached. Did you get to hear him?

I wonder what the sherriff's name is. I believe that God calls us there and that His Word goes out and accomplishes that for which He sends it. As many Thursdays as I have talked to that guard, I have never heard his voice directed at me. Last Thursday, I asked him how many, how many today? How many children, just today has he assisted to kill? Finally, he turned to me and said something, and got something out of his car. No one understood what he said, so when he turned around, I asked him what he said. He said, "I don't know." You know, it's not much, but it's something.

Pray for the staff, the doctor, the escorts, the guard, and the protesters. God, touch our hearts!

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