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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


1. Blogs

I used to like the BaylyBlog, out of our minds, too ( While it looks boring compared to the new one ( and the address is more cumbersome, it was comfortable. Now, for some reason, when I read the new one, the words get all jumbled up in my mind. They are sticky and they don't make sense to me. Is it because they are while/grey words on a black field? Is there something different with the tone of the writing? I don't know. It is quite possible that I am an old fogey, and I cannot adjust as well as I did in the past.

2. Denominations

I read something on that blog with today's date and the title, "The Vatican shames Evangelicals." Discussions like this are disturbing to me. While I admire the Catholic church for the strength they show in opposing the murder of the defenseless and upholding church discipline and Biblical masculinity and femininity I cannot stand with them on even these issues, because even these issues are sinking sand. Therefore when I compare their stand against homosexuality with the falling of many Evangelical denomination, I cannot stand with them or sink with the rebellious denominations. I know that I sound simplistic in this, but II Corinthians 6 warns us again being yoked with unbelievers. If a church disbelieves in the saving power of Jesus Christ, and depends on rites and merits for favor in the sight of God, then how can I stand with them in defending the fatherless? Am I not then trading the power of the living God for the power of a long established church with powerful traditions and a wide base? If a church disbelieves in the inspiration of scripture and thinks that she can disregard the clear teaching of scripture regarding sexual sin without fear, how can I stand with them?

This kind of argument just blows my mind! Apples and oranges.

I have to stand on solid ground. I hope to understand, through clear reasoning and scripture, better how to respond to these issues. Come, let us reason together.

3. Face the Truth

There is a show on the radio that comes on during the week for just a couple of minutes. It is a pro-life show. A guy named Steve Veruka (sp?) is on it. He is a friendly sounding guy with a gruff voice. I like to listen to it. I have found that they have a longer version on Saturdays. I listened to it a couple of times this month while on the road with my husband. It turns out to be a catholic program, which, is not the problem, even after what I wrote above. The disturbing thing about it was a conclusion that they drew:

They were discussing "Pro-Abort Catholics" and how despicable they are. They concluded that is was one thing if they came a partook of the eucerist (which, I think is the Lord's Supper...communion), after all, God can take care of Himself. It is quite another thing, though if they come and try to preside over their prize bingo! This travesty should not, no cannot be allowed!

Which is sacred?

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