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Saturday, May 10, 2008

He's Got the Power!

God is amazing! He is amazing in all He does, He is right in all He says, He is just in all His judgements! God holds the hearts of men in His hand, and directs them like a river to go here or there.

Thurdsay, May 8: I am sorry that I am finishing this post a week later. By now, much has sloshed out of my brain.

A black man came out of Planned Parenthood to smoke a cigarette. We had been there a while, and thoughts of leaving were on my mind. I had asked God to show us His glory, and He had. Here we were, in Bloomington saying things that no one wanted to hear. This is God's glory. He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. He uses our weakness to show His strength perfect. We were weak fools, and we had confidence in God.

This black man was smoking his cigarette, and I motioned for him to come over. Here we were, the weirdos (everyone knows that we are weirdos, freaks) calling him to come to us, in the rain. He came over. Why did he come over?

He came over and stood, smoking his cigarette under my umbrella. I asked him why he was there. He shrugged his shoulders. He knew why we were there, didn't he? I asked him if he had gotten someone pregnant. He looked me in the eye and said, "Well, ya know, shit happens." I agreed. I told him the facts about unborn children and abortion. He said, "If we didn't do this, would you take the baby?"

At some point, I gave him one of my brochures.

I have to tell the truth. I can't take the baby. Glen and I have already talked about this. I also know, personally, several couples who would, and others who might. I also know, for a fact, that, given the opportunity, our church would support that woman through her pregnancy.

I told him the truth. Shelly asked him if he would go get her, if it's not too late. He started to give my brochure back to me, and said, "It's too late." I pushed the brochure back into his hand and told him of the pain she will feel later. I told him that she's going to be sad, and she won't understand, and he won't know how to help her. I showed him my phone number, and told him to have her call me. I told him that we want to help, that we love her.

He looked at me and his eyes melted. I knew that was how the woman at the well looked at Jesus. I think that God was glorified in our presense.

From there, the man confessed his sins to us. We told him about Jesus, and that he needs to read his Bible, and get married, and find a church family. We told him that the best we can do in this world on our own, is our lousy best. "Shit happens" alright. Jesus is our only hope.

Jesus is the answer to this man's pitiful attempt to improve himself. Jesus is the answer to his girlfriend's need for a man's approval. Jesus is the answer to my loveless heart. Jesus is our only hope, and our greatest fear!

God, I pray for Ray. I pray that he will be broken. I pray that you would grant him godly sorrow, and that you will give him a new heart!


Anonymous said...

This was an interesting story. I am curious to know why you think the the man's girlfriend has "a need for a man's approval." I didn't see any evidence of that in your account, and it doesn't seem as though you know her? Maybe she is getting an abortion for her own reasons entirely separate from her boyfriend's opinion?

(full disclosure -- I am pro-abortion, but I am not trying to pick a fight. Just trying to understand the thought process here.)


Rachel Pierson said...

Dear Linda,

Thank you for stopping by. I hope that you will feel free to stop by any time, and converse.

You're right: There is no evidence in my account that this man's girlfriend had a need for a man's approval. I did not include the entire conversation. There were things he said about himself that gave me insights into her character. He told me of interactions with her that gave me indications. I know that a man who is controlled and defined by alcohol and drugs is a master at making a woman who needs approval feel loved, needed and wonderful at times.

However, I did not intend to indicate that there was a direct cause and effect relationship between her need of a man's approval and her abortion. I actually think that he would have been easily swayed to keep the baby, had she requested it. Rather, I think it was more subtle, in that she was keeping her options open. Also, they are not making it, in so many ways in this world, and they saw no other way. The thing is, that there is another way; a better way. There is!

We, in this instance, are willing to, and encourage people in this situation to end the life of a helpless individual so that our life can continue in the way it was going before. That is barbarous.

I also don't think that her need for a man's approval is her greatest issue. This woman's greatest problem is her sin. I am not talking about one sin, such as fornication or murder. I am talking about a condition. She has no way of making herself better, even though that is her lifetime struggle. So she hardens her heart and tries harder. She has no notion of forgiveness for the individual sins or for her sinfulnes itself, so she is filled with bitterness and anxiety.

Jesus is the answer to her greatest problem: her sin, her need for forgiveness. He, who was tempted in all ways as we are, did not sin, and yet He took the punishment for her sin. He draws near with healing and forgiveness and tenderness to the broken heart.

What do you think about Jesus?