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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Can we talk?

Sometime we should sit down and have a big talk. We should look long into each other's eyes and talk deeply about big things. I think sometimes that we talk in greys and light greys and dark greys.

When we talk deeply about big things, we will talk in hyacinth blues and impatien pinks and spring-moss greens; oh, and russets and maizes and lavenders, ...and that really cool dark grey that is almost a blue like a rock in a stream, too.

When one of us says something that the other one doesn't understand, she will say, "I don't quite understand, will you tell me deeper, still?" Then the first will take her heart and put it in the other's hands and then she will understand. Then we can cry and laugh together because we know that we love each other so completely that we just lay ourselves down for each other.

Maybe someday...this year.

(Originally posted December 31, 2006)


Anonymous said...


I love this post (and your others, especially the abortion ones about Planned Parenthood). I think that we should be talking more directly to one another and also about serious issues. I love the way you put that. So, sometime this year...

Rachel Pierson said...


I think of this post often when we are talking because, sometimes while we are talking, I look down at my hands, and there is your heart!