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Saturday, January 24, 2009

What are we doing there?

I used to post a lot about what I witnessed and did at Planned Parenthood. I worried about posting such things, because I felt like I was puffing myself up. Mostly, though, I recognized the work that God did in my presence.

One Monday, I met a woman at Planned Parenthood who just found out she was pregnant. I have since had lunch with her, and she is planning to give her baby up for adoption.

I never posted about her.

I know that no one reads this blog, so I know that it's not like publishing someone else's story. It's just that suddenly, it was so personal. Suddenly, here was this woman, who ate lunch with me. I met her son.

So, I'm not sure about posting. I have had a few people stop by who have been encouraged. Mostly these have been posts where I have been undone and helpless and hopeless, realizing that my only hope is in the Lord.

So, maybe I should post. I will ask God.

I recently read a reaction on facebook about what happened this week at Planned Parenthood from a guy who used to go to our church, but has since moved away. The first year I was there, I went to the Pastor's house for a women's get together, but I was bouquou early. They were just cleaning up after supper, and this guy was at there house. He was discussing the effectiveness of "protesting" at Planned Parenthood and men's place in it. That was probably five years ago. His reaction to Thursday events was that it was encouraging, and that he was just discussing with a friend the effectiveness of "protesting" at Planned Parenthood.

Maybe people do need to hear the play-by-play.


Anonymous said...


I know what you mean when you talk about struggling with knowing weather or not to post play by plays of PP. I have grappled with that a lot, but in the end only we and God know our hearts and motivations. Do we want people to know what God is doing at Planned Parenthood-are we concerned with encouraging others to come and see how God is working even in the very midst of evil; or are we concerned with letting others know what we are doing at PP? Letting people know what God is doing will motivate them to want to join in the battle. Again, keep in prayer about it always and He will help your motivations.
I loved reading your posts and pray that someone will be encouraged by them. Also, thanks for encouraging me and for helping me keep focused last Thursday. It was pretty personal for me-it hit too close to home when I saw the pro-choicers trying to convince others of the same lies they once tried to convince me of. What I should have remembered is that they never did convince me-I still knew that what I was doing was wrong. The only thing they ever did accomplish was to try to ease my conscience about my evil-which can be deadly, but thankfully God dealt mercifully with me.
Yes, yes, tease me about my lengthy post again...

Rachel Pierson said...

Ginger, you are ruining my reputation. Have you even scrolled down to the bottom of this blog and read the comic stip at the bottom? Am I going to have to start putting stickies on my refrigerator?

Seriously, Click on the topic "Power" on the right side bar. Just skim through some of those.

I love you guys!


A Jam C said...

I don't know if we have ever met, but I subscribed to your blog on Google Reader in October, and I have read as many of your blog entries as possible... so yeah, at least one person reads.

Rachel Pierson said...

Thank you, A Jam C! I appreciate you're stopping by. I don't believe we have met. Feel free to sound off, when you think I am off my rocker, or to share your experiences and thoughts here as well.

With a humble welcome,

Rachel Pierson said...

Wait...Alex, is that you?

Hey, you and Glen were the only ones who liked the Pats last year in the Super Bowl...or was it the other team.

Glen doesn't even hold that whole Buckeye thing against you!

Good to see you, Alex. Speak up, anytime.

A Jam C said...

yeah, sorry... I probably should have been more clear on that! okay, so we have met kinda. It is hard for me to remember who I met and didn't meet from my random visits to CGS.

Clint Mahoney said...

Nice to meet you A Jam C!

Anonymous said...


Don't ever stop posting. You have no idea how much it encourages me and keeps me going out on the firing line. I thank God for your witness there and here, so please don't stop.