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Friday, January 30, 2009

How Dangerous Do You Suppose I Am?


Anonymous said...

Well Rachel, if you count danger as being confronted with our sin, then, well, pretty dangerous! You make me feel aware of my sin and shortcomings quite often. Of course, I love you all the more for this and I know that you are only dangerous because you do love me and have been willing to get involved in my life in a way that I could cause you deep pain-so yes, in these ways you are very dangerous! I love you-you know that.

Rachel Pierson said...

Yah, sometimes I wish I was just a nice person, who bakes bread and makes cookies, and says, "It'll be alright, Dear. Have another piece of pie." Then people would call me when someone else has hurt their feelings, and I could feel like the nice guy, and I wouldn't have to wonder what to do, or say, or be.

(to be read with a nasal whine)

Rachel Pierson said...

The above comment may also be read like this: "I'm a toe. I don't want to be a toe. Look at the arms. They get to hug people, and carry things, and help bake cookies. I want to be an arm! Why can't I be an arm!"

(I Corinthians 12)