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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Jetliner accident kills one

Amazing. Tragedy strikes, and what is your response...what is my response?

Last Thursday, when we were getting heavy snows here in Indiana, a Boeing 737 slid off the end of a runway, through a fence and a neighborhood and hit several cars, but killed only one small boy.

I can so feel for the mother and others left behind by this tragedy. I am thankful for the fifteen and nearly 17 years we have had with our daughters.

The Bible tells us that God knows the number of our days before a single one has come to be. (Ps 139:16) Not forgetting or trivializing the grief that is being suffered by the parents of this child, this surgical-like removal of this child from this earth as opposed to say, the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers where we can reason in our hearts that some of those people were simply caught up in the last day of someone who was near them. This incident is the same as the other. That boys days were known to his creator, and when they were all gone, an airplane was used to remove him from the bonds of earth. In the same way, each of the victims of the 9/11 attack had lived each day that was ordained for him. When they were done, an airplane was used to remove them from the bonds of earth.

When I read this story, I was so much in awe of my God. I was amazed! This is such affirmation of what the Bible tells us about God. There was no note in the paper as to the faith or lack of faith of this youngster. Whether this young one is in the arms of his savior, I must entrust that to God. He is trustworthy. All His judgements are just, for everything He tells us is true. His loving kindness endures forever. Oh, to hold this boy's mother and tell her that God is, and that He loves her; that what He says is true and that He above all can be trusted.

I must give my children to God everyday. I must hold lightly to them, and to my own life here. I will rejoice in my savior all day long.

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