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Thursday, December 08, 2005

What's Going On?

Planned Parenthood...Thursdays...Thanksgiving.

What to be thankful for? Empty parking lot and closed doors. Child-proof building. Safety. Peace.

What about last Thursday. It was the week after Thanksgiving and when I got there, there were just a couple of cars in the parking lot and the windows were dark, and there seemed to be no security. A couple of catholic women came along and visited on the sidewalk for a bit. Shortly after I stepped out of the van onto the sidewalk, a black car pulled out of the parking lot and drove away. It had a light by the driver's door like those that police cars have. A few minutes later, it pulled back in and parked right next to me. I continued in prayer and scripture and after my time was up, I waved at the car and saw a hand in the windsheild wave back at me. No other people went in or came out of the building while I was there.

This Thursday, there was a little more activity, and the usual security car was there, but no escorts were visible. I am not there early enough to see the early activity, and there was absolutely no one to one.

It was very cold. It is "dead week" at the university and next week is finals. There was a storm getting ready to move into the area. I don't know if any of this has anything to do with it. After last week's stillness, there was speculation that the appointed day for abortions had been changed. I don't think so any more. The security car was there today, and some people were coming and going, although I didn't see couple coming. There was a middle eastern looking couple...He came and parked and went in to get her. They came out together and went away. A Coca-Cola delivery truck came, parking in front of the building where Carole usually has her sign and delivered a very small amount of Coke to the building.

I had to struggle with my purpose there. Why was I there last week? Last week the catholics got in their car, to wait for more of them, and when no more showed up, they left. Why was I there?

Why was I there this week? There were no people there this week to speak against the killing of babies. No signs, no rosaries, no other people. Why was I there?

I was there to shine a light in a dark world. I am there to say, "There is a God and He has something to say about this." I am there to pray that God will purify His people and burden them with boldness to testify to His truth.

I was not alone, but I will admit that I was lonely, and cold. Loneliness tends to clarify your thoughts, though.


kylaboles said...


Please don't give up! I drive past the clinic every day on my way to work, and long to stop and join you. I always say a prayer when I see you and Carole out there faithfully protesting and praying for these mothers and thier babies. Thank you for your perseverence and determination.

God Bless!

With Love,
Kyla Curell :)

Rachel Pierson said...

Mrs. Curell! Good to hear from you!

Thank you for the encouragement. Continue in prayer. That is the first/primary thing. We do not trust in numbers or in our strength, but in the Lord!

Beep when you go by. Where do you work?