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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mrs. Incredible: the typical modern-day mom?

Mrs. Incredible

Helen Parr (aka: Elastigirl, Mrs. Incredible):
"Coming to her husband's rescue when the chips are down is the family's lithe matriarch, Helen, who was formerly the ultraflexible Elastigirl. This character was created in part as a celebration of the typical modern-day mom who, says Bird, "has
to stretch in hundreds of different ways each day." To get to the core of Helen's mix of maternalism and stoic strength, Brad Bird trusted the finely honed instincts of Academy Award® winner Holly Hunter."

Well, she was a strong woman, and an independent one. One website stated that she has "deep insecurities regarding her marriage." I wouldn't have said that, but it is a good start for a discussion.

"The Incredibles" is an incredibly cute movie. I like it. When we went to the theater to see it, as we were leaving, discussing it, I remember saying that the movie beat the hype about it, and that is unusual.

I don't think I have watched it again, since seeing it in the theater...maybe once. I watched it again last week, alone. I noticed it the first time, but at a different level I think. If I were to pick one word to describe Mrs. Incredible, it would have to be "angry." From the time she first appears in the movie until the end, her character is dominated by anger.

Where does it come from? It comes from being continually compelled to prove herself. When she first comes on the scene, she has to prove that it was she, and not the man-hero who caught the villain. She is critical and demanding in their marriage and child rearing. She could have been a single parent, with an assistant available in the evening; an incompetant assistant at that.

If she were really confident of her gifts and value, she would be free to use those gifts to save the oppressed and raise her children and serve her husband without needing to have others say, "You da man!" Needing that other-approval is what caused her anger.

There was a scene where the kids got in a quibble at the dinner table. The husband was distracted, and she was trying to control the situation. She was unable to, but her anger was directed at her husband. This reveals what is supported throughout the movie. She has a deepseated disdain for her husband. She does not respect him and will not support him. This comes from pride, again. She's all that, and he is not, but she sees him as competition...crazy.

So, why waste my time with this? Well a couple of reasons:

This, for some reason revealed to me a side of myself. Am I critical of my husband's every move and idea? Why is that? ...crazy.

God, thank you for revealing this sin of pride and selfishness to me. Strengthen me in my prayers for my husband. He is your man in this family. Give me the grace to show him that. Help me to put myself aside and trust You with him. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Also, this movie is being watched by little girls every day. Some children watch their favorite movie repeatedly, daily. What indoctrination! It is a very strong message of "maternalism and stoic strength."

Oh be careful little eyes what you see...

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