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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gary G @ Planned Parenthood

A new guard at Planned Parenthood today.

His name is Gary and I think his last name starts with a G. His is retiring from law enforcement and he is just starting up in the private sector. Today was his first day at Planned Parenthood, because someone called in sick.

(There is nowhere we can flee from your spirit Oh Lord. You have sovereignty over even microbes!)

He has no opinion on or off the record regarding abortion, he just wants everybody to remain safe.

(Gary, everyone will not remain safe here today; people will die here today.)

He "knows" Jesus and he is certain that Jesus has an opinion about "this."

(Gary said that without a hint of a shudder.)

Gary says he is not a bad person, and he seemed uncomfortable when I told him I am, and that I have been forgiven. He wasn't going to agree that I am bad.

Dear God,
You who alone have made this man, and know his heart. I pray that you would use the feeble words of your servant and turn Gary's heart from stone to flesh. Make him painfully aware of his depravity and grant him your faith and repentance.
In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ,


Rachel Pierson said...

What I should have said:

Gary: I'm not a bad guy.
Rachel: Gary, I might never see you again, so I'm going to give it to you straight. You're a friendly enough Joe, but you're a sinner, and you're heading for hell, man. The other guy got sick today by God's ordanance so that you could be here and talk to us.

...I don't know...

Erica said...

I think what was said was what was meant to be said. God's in control. If our words made him commit his life to Christ, where would our trust be? In our own words? We must trust Him. You spoke to him about the first thing we must realize before salvation. Let God do the work.

Rachel Pierson said...

Dear Erica,

Well said. You're absolutely right. Thanks.