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Friday, May 05, 2006

Not so much alone at Planned Parenthood

I have said that I have been at Planned Parenthood alone. I want to say that lately that has not been the case (except the first Thursday in April; that rainy day... see the Rain/Impatience/Regret post below). I want to express inexpressible emotions to the following people (I'm not sure they want their full names on the world wide web):

David (Anna's husband and Carver's dad)
Scott (Shannon's husband)
Lucas (off now to see his parents in Africa)
Josh (I think I got this name right--might be Jake, he is a friend of Lucas)
Andrew (plays stringed instruments in our praise band)
Josh (teaches Latin @ a certain state university and Greek @ REPC)
Bob (the official Match Maker of CGS)
Alex (assisted Bob this Thursday...will he be the next match?)
Jennifer (Steve's wife; she's a mother-to-be with moxey)
Carole (David's wife, and long time PP protester)
David (Carole's husband and Disc Jockey)

There was a guy last summer when I was coming later and staying in my van. He would ride up on his bike, lean it against a tree and either stand or kneel and pray for a short period of time. He always came alone after the others had gone.

Dave and Tim have been there, too; and Shauna (Eli's mom). My hero, Glen, has been there several times, too.

This week there was a retired policeman; I don't remember his name. He wasn't a Catholic, and although he said he had a Bible at home he sucked the words off the page when I let him read mine. When I talked about the wrath of God rising up, he thought I was talking about "Left Behind."

(I'm only there for one hour each Thursday, so I can only say who is there when I am.)

God gave Carole a transition into a new house and bookkeeping blues in order to prevent her from going to Planned Parenthood as she thought she ought...was this to give me some alone-with-God-at-Planned-Parenthood-time for seasoning? Sorry, Carole.

I hope I didn't forget anyone, and if I do, let me know.

I have often thought that from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm on Thurdays the killing continues, but there is no one proclaimiing God's Word of whom I am aware.

Another thing that ocurred to me: A couple of Tuesdays ago, there was a national wear-an-anti-abortion-t-shirt day (Christ Centered Pro-Life link on the sidebar for shirts) and Carole asked if people would come to PP and stand with her. Apparently on Tuesdays, women come in for their screening. They were coming in by the car-load! I went during the non-peak time (my lunch break 10 - 11am) and was able to talk to someone that day (Sarah; just there to support a friend; goes to ECC). She was very curious about why I was there, since I was (can you guess) all alone. On Tuesdays there are no people on the sidewalk, but the parking lot is very busy.

Please, if I have forgotten anyone, and you are him/her or if you know their names, then leave a comment here and I will edit this post to include them. Also, if you are on this list and want to boldly include your full name, let me know. Conversly, if you want your name removed, let me know.

It is encouraging to stand with Christian brothers and proclaim the Word of God in this dark world. It is not gratitude I want to express, for it is not my place. It is I think fellowship, or the Tie that Binds that wells up within me.

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