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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Greg @ Planned Parenthood

Greg is an active police officer who was serving as a guard at Planned
Parenthood today, divorced from his own convictions in any way. He
claims Jesus as his Saviour, but right now he is on the job. Someone
else is paying him right now.

It blows my mind to be involved in something that God is doing.

...doesn't it you?

I don't want to spend too much time on this, so I'll just give a few highlights.

Greg was a new guard. I've never seen him, and neither has Carole. So I hollered "Hi" and settled in. He approached me.

His name is Greg. He likes the hymns "Nothing but the Blood" and "Old Rugged Cross." His grandmother used to take him to church. He has been a Christian for 7 years.

He is on the police force and sometimes policemen have to do what they don't like to do. (Not on PP payroll? Police are apparently commissioned for protective duties like this.)

When I left, David and Josh were still talking to him.

I believe that God is opening doors for us to proclaim the Gospel!

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