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Saturday, May 13, 2006

My mind is like a seive: Only the chunks remain.

You might recall when I was struggling with how to love people who are displaying behaviours that are contrary to my notion of appropriate behaviour.

My mind is like a seive: Only the chunks remain. So God has to keep pouring that milk through until it turns into cottage cheese and some of it sticks.

I meet them all the time, these people who don't behave. They belong to God, and they belong to the prince of this world. They might be someone as distant as the television or internet. They might be a stranger on the street, a student at the local high school or university. They might be as close as my neighbors, co-workers, children, step-children or other reletives, distant or close.

Enough of that!

I learned a little something last night about how to react. It was a little milky, so much of it washed right through. Here's what stayed: Talk to God.

My kids and I were looking for a graphic to apply the finishing touch to Holly's graduation announcement. She decided on a symbol of wisdom. She has long been an enthusiast of greek mythology-- she is the one who introduced me to the story of Icarus, which might turn out to be ironic-- so she was looking for a graphic of Athena.

I was feeling uncomfortable with the idea of applying a goddess icon to her announcement, and I was trying to decide whether this was silly or not. Glen called and we talked. I mentioned it to him, and he acted like it was trivial either way, and I should do what I want. I hung up with him, and while Holly was in the other room, I talked it over with God. God gave me peace in that He is not afraid of Athena, and Holly is not a Christian. I spoke honestly to Holly about my discomfort with this. She assured me that she does not worship Athena.

For what it is worth, and I have done many things wrong, this was an opportunity to have a genuine conversation with my daughter. It was also an opportunity to have a Father-daughter conversation with my God.

The bottom line is the peace that He gave me over this, and I am looking at other instances in a different light.

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Rachel Pierson said...

Another Chunk:

When we were doing a find on Athena, some of the mildest of disgusting things appeared. This chunk has to do with the source of disgusting stuff. How I react to worldly stuff from the world versus from Christians is different.

I would like to discuss this further, you know, put it through the seive a few times and see what chunks form.

Rachel Pierson