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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It Hadda Happen

They resurfaced the parking lot at Planned Parenthood.

I think they must have done it this very morning! When I went there, Tim Ellis and three other guys were standing on the sidewalk, talking. They looked like a bunch of Catholics.

I pulled up and watched them. Tim's gestures made me think that they were talking about those annoying protesters. I thought it would be funny if I walked up, abundantly reciting Psalm 68.

I struggled with getting out, and almost decided to get out (I had a handful of words planned). One guy left, so that kind of set me off balance, so I called Glen. I was talking to him when they all split up and left.

Then I got out and inspected the work... It is a new sealcoat, I think, not actually resurfacing. The lines have not been painted on, and the parking (what do you call those large bars of cement which serve as car stoppers at the interior end of a parking space) bars are gone for the time being.

It will be interesting to see the work if it is finished on Thursday.

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Erica said...

When you are posting, there is an "Options" at the bottom. If you select that you can change the date and/or time of your posting. I'm glad to hear your brother is healing. It looks like God is using the situation for His glory.