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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

And the Band Plays On...

Today, I had an at the well conversation with my boss.

It stemmed from the terrible situation in which my brother was involved.

I said that I pray that through this, my brother will turn to Christ. (I know that my boss attends his wife's Episcopal church, but found out today that the governing lay people of the church are so flighty that they stopped attending until the dust settled)

He told me about his bishop, who comes around only once a year or two. She preached one of the most memorable sermons to him. She told about a couple whose son was involved in drugs. They were heartbroken and beside themselves with worry and care. She counseled them to hope and pray that the son would get peace with "his god" whoever that is.

I shuddered.

I said that there is no peace except through the one true God, right?

He said that if I picture my god, and he pictures his god, they might not look the same, that's what he is talking about. Then he took a cell phone call.

When he was done, I told him that while he was waiting for the dust to settle, he could visit us at the Church of the Good Shepherd. His wife, though is devoted to that church (denomination and building) but that he really is discouraged about certain things they are doing.

I told him that the Bible should be their base, and if they decided to go their own way on certain issues (we have previously had a discussion about men and women) then they are free to do what they want on any issue. They just need to move the line.

End of conversation.

Answer to prayer or springboard into more prayer? Both.

God has used Ben's situation to bring me to this conversation with this self-made man, and to bring me to my knees, knowing that it is God who holds this man's heart in His hands.

God, make me faithful in prayer, in word, and in deed. In Jesus' name I pray, AMEN!

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Rachel Pierson said...

My boss and his wife, by the way, are traveling today to Michigan City to attend the funeral of his wife's aunt.

Pray with me that God will hold them in His hand, and lay His hand upon them. Pray that the Gospel will be clearly presented at this funeral, and even if it isn't, that God will transform them from death to life, as they stand so close to the grave.