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Monday, May 21, 2007


I am really, really open to conversation here...

My brother, Tom and I were having a conversation. He brought something up, and said, "But I already know where you stand on that, so..."

I told him that I wasn't sure he knew where I stood, and I thought I knew where he stood, but that I would like to discuss it further.

I don't think that two people who know they disaggree about something have nothing to say to each other. I have had this shut down response from another person too, so I know that I must be doing something wrong.

If two people know they have identical views on something then they have nothing to say, but if they have different views, then they certainly have a discussion.

There is a man who is a professor at a university in Texas who is a Christian and hosts movie/discussion nights with an agnostic group. They begged him to host this even after their first event. They are aware that their views differ from his, and still they desire the discussion.

I must be doing something wrong. Help me out. This is important.

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